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Jamberry Nails



Jamberry Nail wraps are amazing! I have totally fell in love with this product! No more waiting on my nails to dry only for them not to be and to be messed up minutes later. No more chemicals that we all hate to smell. Jamberry Nails won’t chip and require no drying time. They are applied using heat and only take about 15 minutes to apply! There is over 300 styles available so you can always have great looking nails. Jamberry nails last 2 weeks on your fingers and 4 weeks on toes! Each sheet can do 2 manicures and 2 pedicures! The current special is Buy 3 Get 1 Free, a great deal! http://melissamiles.jamberrynails.net/

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Ruby’s Red Wash Review and Giveaway

Ruby’s Red Wash sent me a bottle to review and who ever wins will receive a¬†Ruby’s Red Wash¬†gift set. Here’s a little about Ruby’s¬† “It‚Äôs safe, non-toxic, contains no harsh chemicals, is not tested on animals, and contains no animal products. It‚Äôs also biodegradable, and therefore eco-friendly.” I hate using harsh chemicals on anything in my house especially clothes! Here’s the directions how to use it!¬† It‚Äôs easy to use. Just pour a bit on a stain, work it in a bit if you want, and watch it quickly melt away. If you have a tough stain or you like the lazier route, just put the garment and Ruby‚Äôs in a basin and let it soak. Either way, when the stain is gone, rinse and throw in the wash and you‚Äôre done!” Easy to use is great in my book, I usually just let it soak for a bit and they come out great! Ruby’s costs $11.95 which is a bit more expensive, but is totally worth it when it works so well! rubys¬†

I just recently decided to start using mama cloth (I love it wished I would have switched long ago it is awesome.) I didn’t feel as bad they were much more comfortable. I have always thought yuk I don’t want to rinse or wash them but it wasn’t a big deal I washed daily and so I didn’t rinse each time just did a rinse in cold water before I used soap. Before I rinsed I added some Ruby’s Red Wash to each pad that needed it then would soak them for 15 minutes and let rinse. They came out great! Ruby’s red wash is awesome I tried washing without once and a couple were left with a bit of a stain so I applied¬†Ruby’s and let sit for a bit and then rinsed and washed. I used my cloth diaper detergent to wash them in but I always washed them by themselves just my personal preference. Ruby’s has made sure they all still look awesome and it is super easy to use no scrubbing just squirt a little on and let sit or do a soak in washer for a few minutes! Without Ruby’s I would have prolly never¬†made the switch to mama cloth! It has made it so much easier to wash them!
Next I am going to try it on my daughters newborn diapers she has grown out of. I am sure there are lots of other stains it will work on too! With 2 little girls and a husband we have lots of stains at times especially after playing outside! ūüôā I highly suggest it especially if you use mama cloth and if you haven’t tried cloth pads yet I suggest those too! ūüėČ



  • Easy to use
  • No bad Smell
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Non – Toxic
  • Eco – Friendly
  • lasts for a while



  • ¬†Costs a bit more
  • small bottle but lasts


Overall I give Ruby’s Red Washef531-4-5-flowers¬†.¬†¬† I highly suggest it even if you don’t use cloth pads it is great for any clothing!


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Glow Bug Cloth Diapers: Review and Giveaway


Glow Bug Cloth Diaper

I was sent an awesome¬†diaper from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers recently it is made very nicely and has some great features I have never seen before. I was sent a black one with orange on it I am not usually a fan of black diapers but at the time it was fall and Halloween was coming up. It is super cute and the more she wears it the more the print is growing on me. The material is nice the outer is very soft doesn’t feel like any of the other diapers I have! The inside is very nice too both materials are lightweight so I bet it will be nice and cool for summer! Some of the great features include 360 gussets, pocket opening at both ends and a snap in the pocket to hold the liner in. I love the 360 gussets inside this is especially great for runny ebf poo! They don’t seem to stain¬†much either which is very nice. ¬†Being able to stuff the pocket opens at both ends makes it easier with the wide opening and the liner comes out in the wash. The liner also snaps in, in the front which is great for keeping it in place, most of the time it stays snapped tithe diaper in the wash so no searching for liners when stuffing diapers. The liners also snap together keeping them from sliding around when stuffed with more than one liner (it comes with 2). These diapers have so many great features that I have not seen on any other diapers they also have a lot of awesome new prints. These diapers come in bundle packages and sadly you can’t buy them individually¬†I really wish you could as I am not into buying¬†multiple diapers at once especially since I have a full stash but I love their designs and they are great diapers.¬† Though for¬†$277 for 12 diapers it is a great deal for these¬†awesome diapers and a great way to start a stash! They seem to hold up great too. I love these diapers wish they were hook and loop since that is what I prefer but these fit great and will fit for a while (especially on my chunky thigh baby)! My tiny is now 11 months old and we still have rise snaps left.


Glow Bug Diaper



opened out still one rise setting left


2nd Diaper another cute pattern NB setting


Inside of diaper with 360 Gussets

This review has taken me a bit longer because after having the diaper for a bit I noticed one of the snaps had come off in the wash. I contacted their customer service they were great sent me a new one (their shipping is a bit slower than I am used to but it is ok). After receiving new one and washing it same thing happened snap came off. I contacted customer service again and they sent me another one. They explained to me that they had got a new snap machine and although they thought it was adjusted correctly it turns out it wasn’t, but that they went back to the old machine that they knew worked well so there wasn’t anymore problems. All the diapers should be ok now and the new one I got has been just fine! As a blogger I never really get to deal with customer service sides of the companies I do reviews for so this was nice also. They were great to work with and were very nice about replacing the diaper.



  • Super soft
  • Nice material
  • Super cute prints
  • Great Features
  • 360 gussets
  • Snap in liners
  • Snap together liners
  • Double pocket opening
  • Great customer service ūüôā



  • Only in bundles
  • Snap only


I highly recommend this company their diapers are great and so is their customer service.

I give Glow Bug Cloth Diapers  ef531-4-5-flowers

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Glow Bug Diapers Here
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A Happy Green Life Tub Scrub Review and Giveaway


A Happy Green Life Tub Scrub

I was very happy to be sent the new Tub Scrub from¬†A Happy Green Life to try. I was finally able to try it out a few weekends ago it was awesome.¬†I was so happy to be able to use something on my tub that wasn’t a harsh chemical. We have well water so we have yellow stains in our tub (YUK!). I normally have to use rust out or a¬†similar harsh chemical¬†to get the yellow lighter,¬†I¬†then clean again with something safer and greener. I hate having to clean it twice but don’t like using those chemicals and then letting my babies in the tub, incase there is any residue left. I used the¬†tub scrub by wetting the tub a bit then sprinkling it in and then scrubbing. It smelled great¬†just like all of their scents that I have tried. They sent me Hawaiian ginger¬†it smelled¬†very good and not chemically which is great I didn’t have to have the windows and fan on just to clean the bathroom! ¬†It worked great cleaning the rust, it is still there some in the picture but I think that is just stain that wont come out! It definitely lightened it up and maybe the tub nice and shiny. Having a powder to clean with was a bit harder for the walls but I just made a paste in the tub and used the scrub brush then on the walls.¬†After using it for a few weeks now the tub hasn’t been getting yellow and¬†the stain is almost gone! You can see the dirt coming off¬†when¬†washing and rinsing the¬†walls it is super¬†easy to use not much scrubbing needed!¬†¬†This is my favorite cleaner now!

I think this worked great and I loved only having to clean the tub once it definitely took less time to clean the bathroom which was great, plus no harsh chemicals which was even better! Plus it is a great price only $5 for a small bag and $10 for the large. It will last quite a bit too, 1 bag lasted about a month though I may have went a bit crazy cleaning things with it at first! ūüôā





I highly recommend this and all of their products. I love their detergent, wipe solution, hand soap, stripping powder, neutralizing powder and oxygen boost. These are just the ones that I have tried cant wait to try more! The scents are great I love that there is so many to choose from.


  • works great on my rust stains
  • smells great
  • no harsh chemicals
  • good price
  • makes tub shiny


  • wish it was a liquid spray too

I give it Review and Giveaway! :)

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A Happy Green Life

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Valentines Hair Bows

I have been busy making the girls valentines hair bows! I crocheted tiny hearts I found the pattern here. These were super easy to make and only took a couple minutes each. I then stitched them together 1 is hot glued on a hair barrette the other is sewn on a headband. They turned out super cute and were very easy to make. They look very cute on too! Hope you enjoy!

Teeny-Tiny Crochet Hearts

Teeny-Tiny Crochet Hearts

3 Heart Barrette

3 Heart Barrette

3 Heart Headband for Tiny

3 Heart Headband for Tiny

Sassy Baby Beads Review and Giveaway

I received a great teething necklace set from Kathy at Sassy Baby Beads. These are great, high quality, well made and even came in a nice gift box. I am very pleased she shipped super fast too and has many different ones to choose from! I will be doing a giveaway sponsored by Sassy Baby Beads for a blue necklace.


Blue Necklace

She let me choose the color I wanted to review which I thought was great I picked pink as it is one of my favorite colors!  When I received it I loved the extra touch of the gift box. In the box was 2 necklaces, 1 was the pendant style and 1 was the graduated bead style. I love having the 2 different styles.

Necklaces in Gift Box

Necklaces in Gift Box

The graduated bead necklace is very well made it has smaller silicon beads in the back which makes it more comfortable I think, it doesn’t feel so bulky also gives it a different look which I like. Though I notice the beads get stuck in my hair some but this isn’t that big of deal, just pulls my hair a bit!

Graduated Bead Necklace - Pink

Graduated Bead Necklace – Pink

The pendant is on a satin string so no worry about it pulling my hair.¬†The pendant is very nice too though it is a bit¬†long for me (I am pretty short) so it hangs almost to my belly button. I am sure it will work better when my¬†tiny is a bit older. ūüôā



The set out of  the box

Out of box for size comparison

My daughter is now 8 months and loves to chew on¬†them. She isn’t quite teething yet but everything goes in her mouth. ¬†I love that I can wear a teether¬†for her and don’t have to worry about her dropping it. This is especially good when we are out and about she loves it, when I am holding her or she is in the Boba. I love that it is a teether for her and a piece of jewelry for me. No one believes that it is made of silicon everyone is always wanting to touch it especially when they see her chewing away on it.¬† These necklaces are made of food grade silicon and are FDA approved and BPA¬†free. They are easy to clean which is great since it is something your little one is chewing on I put mine in the dishwasher on the top rack and they come out great! I also hand wash them if I want it quick or it is not that dirty.¬† Both necklaces have break away clasps which I like for when she pulls to hard on them she doesn’t¬†choke me! I had her in the carrier the other night on my back she kept dropping all the toys I gave her so I put this on backwards, it worked great.

These necklaces and pendants come in many different colors and styles to choose from. I love that they are very reasonably priced compared to other similar products I have seen. The pendants are $15.99 and the necklaces start at $21.99 there is several necklace styles to choose from. They also offer several gift sets which would be great for a new mom to be or as a mother’s day¬†present! I highly recommend these necklaces and this company Kathy has been great to work with and very understanding with all I have been through lately as it has been a tuff few months for me seems like it is always something!

I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to review these and to be able to giveaway a necklace to one of my great readers I hope whoever wins enjoys them as much as I do!


  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Break away clasp
  • High Quality
  • Fast Shipping
  • Great Customer Service
  • Great Prices
  • Lots of styles and colors


  • Beads tend to pull my hair
  • Pendant necklace a bit long for someone shorter

Overall I love these necklaces I wear them all the time and highly recommend them. I give them ef531-4-5-flowers

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Sassy Baby Beads  or on Amazon


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(I am still trying to find a giveaway program to work with free WordPress if anyone knows of one let me know thanks!)

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This is a work in progress! I am trying to get this all set up so I can move from blogger to here. Be patient hope to figure it out soon! There will be some giveaways when I am done.

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Life with two

So far so good! I have survived and it isn’t too bad! My oldest is now 2.5 years old she loves her sister so much and is very good with her we have been very lucky. Tiny is now 5 months (wow where did the time go). Things seem to be going faster this time around. It probably helps that she is a very good baby. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months! Yeahhhhh!
Now just to get the oldest potty. Trained we were so close once again about a month ago then she started getting her 2 year molars and regressed! ūüėĘ I will be so happy when she starts again I am wearing out with2 in diapers! At least tiny diapers are easy to change! Ha ha
Tiny is rolling over in both directions mostly only back to belly but a few times a day she tricks us and rolls both ways. She is very strong she finally started liking her bouncer but now tries to sit up in it! O I am in trouble! Ha ha!
I have been busy making Halloween costumes lately I will post picks when they are done I am excited.
I have some fun product reviews and giveaways coming up soon so stay tuned! ūüėÉ

Newborn Cloth Diapering

I did not start cloth diapering DD1 till she was 4months, so this was an all new experience and learning process for me. My plan was to cloth diaper in the hospital. I had all our diapers wet bag ready though I didn’t have a lot only 18 diapers to start with. I decided to to wait till we were settled in our room to start using the cloth so the nurses didn’t have to mess with them nor did I have to explain how to use them in the middle of everything. Well my daughter was born late in the evening and it was 1 am before we were in our room so I waited till the next day to start! I had a stash built of bumgenius newborns, 1 Tiny Tush, 1 Thirsties AIO Duo, 2 Happy Heinys newborn and Rumparooz OS Aplix (my favorite diapers). Well most seemed to bulky and big on her even though she was 8lbs 4oz. She was able to fit into the bum genius newborns the best, everything else I saved. So my plan for full time cloth diapering from the start changed to using them part time and washing daily. Though it was okay because even only using a few cloth a day was still a money savings and I knew she would grow! When we were home I was able to put her in the Tiny Tush and the Thirsties I love them both! Though the Thirsties takes forever to dry! ūüė¶ The Tiny Tush is great and super cute, I love that the prints don’t cost more then the solid colors! I bought my Tiny Tush from AbbysLane.com.
I was not able to use the Rumparooz OS till she was about 3 weeks I think they just seemed to bulky until then. Now they make up all of my stash except for the few small diapers she can still wear. All of the newborn diapers except BumGenius have rise snaps and will fit till she is a bit bigger! Which I love that they will last longer makes me feel like I am getting more of my money out of them!
Things I learned from cloth diapering a newborn!
1. I should have bought more diapers!
2. I loved all the diapers I bought they were so tiny and cute.
3. Disposable liners for the hospital was great I used them till the meconium passed. We did not have any staining.
4. Even with the very messy newborn poops I have never had a blowout (except from user error) ūüôā this is not the case with sposies.
5. I was suprised how long the BumGenius newborns fit her I was able to make them last till about 12ish weeks though that was pushing it a bit! (this is longer then most I was squeezing her a bit!)

Update: at 4 months she is 15lbs 1oz and the Thirsties size 1, Happy Heiny NB OS and the Tiny Tush still fit! 

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