Cloth Diapering

I started Cloth Diapering when my DD was about 4 months old. (I wish I would have started from day 1)  I made this choice after a lot of research on the best type of diapers, brands, sizes, styles etc.

I decided to start using cloth after my DD kept getting diaper rash I felt so bad for her having a poor little red bottom all the time. After switching to cloth almost full time she very rarely has a rash and it is normally cleared up in a diaper change. Not only this it is a huge money savings I figure I spent around 400 in the first 3-4 months of her life! I have now spent around the same but these diapers will last her till she is out of diapers! I have about 26 diapers right now. I have many different brands (listed below with my reviews).  My favorite diapers are BumGenius 4.0 (Hook and loop). I have never had them leak and seem to fit very well!


At 35 months my Baby Girl is still wearing diapers 😦 (maybe one day she will potty train all the way) our BumGenius Hook and loop have not held up very well the Velcro has gone bad a few times. For my Tiny I have bought all Rumparooz I love them they have held up great. I have one that I have had for 2 1/2 years and it still is like new!

I started cloth diapering Tiny in the hospital though I did have some disposables on hand because I only bought a few newborn diapers I also bought some size 1 diapers! They both worked great the OS Rumparooz did not fit at birth seemed to bulky even though she was 8lbs 4 oz. You can check out my Newborn cloth diapering post here

There are many different types of diapers Flats, Prefolds, Fitted, All in ones (AIO) and Pockets (which are my favorite)! There is fitted and One Size (OS) (all mine are OS).





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