Newborn Cloth Diapering

I did not start cloth diapering DD1 till she was 4months, so this was an all new experience and learning process for me. My plan was to cloth diaper in the hospital. I had all our diapers wet bag ready though I didn’t have a lot only 18 diapers to start with. I decided to to wait till we were settled in our room to start using the cloth so the nurses didn’t have to mess with them nor did I have to explain how to use them in the middle of everything. Well my daughter was born late in the evening and it was 1 am before we were in our room so I waited till the next day to start! I had a stash built of bumgenius newborns, 1 Tiny Tush, 1 Thirsties AIO Duo, 2 Happy Heinys newborn and Rumparooz OS Aplix (my favorite diapers). Well most seemed to bulky and big on her even though she was 8lbs 4oz. She was able to fit into the bum genius newborns the best, everything else I saved. So my plan for full time cloth diapering from the start changed to using them part time and washing daily. Though it was okay because even only using a few cloth a day was still a money savings and I knew she would grow! When we were home I was able to put her in the Tiny Tush and the Thirsties I love them both! Though the Thirsties takes forever to dry! 😦 The Tiny Tush is great and super cute, I love that the prints don’t cost more then the solid colors! I bought my Tiny Tush from
I was not able to use the Rumparooz OS till she was about 3 weeks I think they just seemed to bulky until then. Now they make up all of my stash except for the few small diapers she can still wear. All of the newborn diapers except BumGenius have rise snaps and will fit till she is a bit bigger! Which I love that they will last longer makes me feel like I am getting more of my money out of them!
Things I learned from cloth diapering a newborn!
1. I should have bought more diapers!
2. I loved all the diapers I bought they were so tiny and cute.
3. Disposable liners for the hospital was great I used them till the meconium passed. We did not have any staining.
4. Even with the very messy newborn poops I have never had a blowout (except from user error) 🙂 this is not the case with sposies.
5. I was suprised how long the BumGenius newborns fit her I was able to make them last till about 12ish weeks though that was pushing it a bit! (this is longer then most I was squeezing her a bit!)

Update: at 4 months she is 15lbs 1oz and the Thirsties size 1, Happy Heiny NB OS and the Tiny Tush still fit! 

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