Life with two

So far so good! I have survived and it isn’t too bad! My oldest is now 2.5 years old she loves her sister so much and is very good with her we have been very lucky. Tiny is now 5 months (wow where did the time go). Things seem to be going faster this time around. It probably helps that she is a very good baby. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months! Yeahhhhh!
Now just to get the oldest potty. Trained we were so close once again about a month ago then she started getting her 2 year molars and regressed! 😢 I will be so happy when she starts again I am wearing out with2 in diapers! At least tiny diapers are easy to change! Ha ha
Tiny is rolling over in both directions mostly only back to belly but a few times a day she tricks us and rolls both ways. She is very strong she finally started liking her bouncer but now tries to sit up in it! O I am in trouble! Ha ha!
I have been busy making Halloween costumes lately I will post picks when they are done I am excited.
I have some fun product reviews and giveaways coming up soon so stay tuned! 😃


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