Ruby’s Red Wash Review and Giveaway

Ruby’s Red Wash sent me a bottle to review and who ever wins will receive a Ruby’s Red Wash gift set. Here’s a little about Ruby’s  “It’s safe, non-toxic, contains no harsh chemicals, is not tested on animals, and contains no animal products. It’s also biodegradable, and therefore eco-friendly.” I hate using harsh chemicals on anything in my house especially clothes! Here’s the directions how to use it!  It’s easy to use. Just pour a bit on a stain, work it in a bit if you want, and watch it quickly melt away. If you have a tough stain or you like the lazier route, just put the garment and Ruby’s in a basin and let it soak. Either way, when the stain is gone, rinse and throw in the wash and you’re done!” Easy to use is great in my book, I usually just let it soak for a bit and they come out great! Ruby’s costs $11.95 which is a bit more expensive, but is totally worth it when it works so well! rubys 

I just recently decided to start using mama cloth (I love it wished I would have switched long ago it is awesome.) I didn’t feel as bad they were much more comfortable. I have always thought yuk I don’t want to rinse or wash them but it wasn’t a big deal I washed daily and so I didn’t rinse each time just did a rinse in cold water before I used soap. Before I rinsed I added some Ruby’s Red Wash to each pad that needed it then would soak them for 15 minutes and let rinse. They came out great! Ruby’s red wash is awesome I tried washing without once and a couple were left with a bit of a stain so I applied Ruby’s and let sit for a bit and then rinsed and washed. I used my cloth diaper detergent to wash them in but I always washed them by themselves just my personal preference. Ruby’s has made sure they all still look awesome and it is super easy to use no scrubbing just squirt a little on and let sit or do a soak in washer for a few minutes! Without Ruby’s I would have prolly never made the switch to mama cloth! It has made it so much easier to wash them!
Next I am going to try it on my daughters newborn diapers she has grown out of. I am sure there are lots of other stains it will work on too! With 2 little girls and a husband we have lots of stains at times especially after playing outside! 🙂 I highly suggest it especially if you use mama cloth and if you haven’t tried cloth pads yet I suggest those too! 😉



  • Easy to use
  • No bad Smell
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Non – Toxic
  • Eco – Friendly
  • lasts for a while



  •  Costs a bit more
  • small bottle but lasts


Overall I give Ruby’s Red Washef531-4-5-flowers .   I highly suggest it even if you don’t use cloth pads it is great for any clothing!


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