A Happy Green Life Tub Scrub Review and Giveaway


A Happy Green Life Tub Scrub

I was very happy to be sent the new Tub Scrub from A Happy Green Life to try. I was finally able to try it out a few weekends ago it was awesome. I was so happy to be able to use something on my tub that wasn’t a harsh chemical. We have well water so we have yellow stains in our tub (YUK!). I normally have to use rust out or a similar harsh chemical to get the yellow lighter, I then clean again with something safer and greener. I hate having to clean it twice but don’t like using those chemicals and then letting my babies in the tub, incase there is any residue left. I used the tub scrub by wetting the tub a bit then sprinkling it in and then scrubbing. It smelled great just like all of their scents that I have tried. They sent me Hawaiian ginger it smelled very good and not chemically which is great I didn’t have to have the windows and fan on just to clean the bathroom!  It worked great cleaning the rust, it is still there some in the picture but I think that is just stain that wont come out! It definitely lightened it up and maybe the tub nice and shiny. Having a powder to clean with was a bit harder for the walls but I just made a paste in the tub and used the scrub brush then on the walls. After using it for a few weeks now the tub hasn’t been getting yellow and the stain is almost gone! You can see the dirt coming off when washing and rinsing the walls it is super easy to use not much scrubbing needed!  This is my favorite cleaner now!

I think this worked great and I loved only having to clean the tub once it definitely took less time to clean the bathroom which was great, plus no harsh chemicals which was even better! Plus it is a great price only $5 for a small bag and $10 for the large. It will last quite a bit too, 1 bag lasted about a month though I may have went a bit crazy cleaning things with it at first! 🙂





I highly recommend this and all of their products. I love their detergent, wipe solution, hand soap, stripping powder, neutralizing powder and oxygen boost. These are just the ones that I have tried cant wait to try more! The scents are great I love that there is so many to choose from.


  • works great on my rust stains
  • smells great
  • no harsh chemicals
  • good price
  • makes tub shiny


  • wish it was a liquid spray too

I give it Review and Giveaway! :)

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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review from Deus Filia

Sorry this post has taken so long, but things have been so crazy and I haven’t had much time to myself lately let alone to blog. 😦
       If you are not aware of Baltic Amber it is great for teething babies among many other things. Babies do NOT chew on these they simply need to wear them against their skin. Amber works by the skin warming it to release its healing oils which are then absorbed into the blood stream. It is all natural unlike most things on the market now days which in my mind is always best! 🙂          
       I received this great Baltic Amber necklace a few months ago now from Deus Filia. You can check out her Etsy shop to purchase Baltic Amber and other great things! All the necklaces are guaranteed which is not always easy to find.  It is also made in the USA, I love this and supporting small businesses!  She is super sweet and makes a great product. It came very quickly and was packaged so cute. You can tell she takes time and works hard on her products to make her customers happy. The necklace is made very nicely and has a magnetic clasp which I love! My Daughter is 19 months now; it fits her great and will for a long time. Though it is a great product I wish it was knotted between each bead and the magnetic closure was a bit different maybe the twist closure.  Even though the magnetic closure is very great in case they were to be stuck it would pop right off. This helps give me peace of mind when putting a necklace on a little one.  My very smart girl figured quickly how to take it on and off. She loves to wear it in her own way now (she is very independent)  which I guess is better than no way! 🙂 She ends up hanging it by her chin, she thinks she is being a big girl and putting it on right! 🙂
When I received the package I opened it to find a cute little bag with the necklace inside! It is the little touches like that, that make this extra special! Along with the little note on the zip lock saying Thank you! 🙂
I love this necklace and the color I highly suggest checking out DeusFilia.
    You can purchase this necklace from DeusFilia for $25.99. Please check her out you will not be disappointed in her or her products!
How I received it!

  •  Beautifully made
  • Magnetic closure
  • Great fit
  • Works great for baby and her teething
  • Guaranteed
  • Made in USA
  •  Not knotted between beads
  • Magnetic closure easy for baby to take off

The Necklace

I would definitely recommend this product it has worked great and she is a great seller.

Over all I give it

Also check out her blog rubyintherough7 and her other business younglivingworld where she sells essential oils.

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