Breastfeeding Products I Love


**Udder cover**

  • Material is pretty
  • Works good when baby is small (newborn stage)
  • Does not wash well is very wrinkly
  • Stay does not stay out very well so you can see LO
  • Makes baby hot
  • And once baby is a few months old and moves arms and legs more it is difficult to stay covered!


  • I love my Boppy!
  • It was used a lot when baby was a newborn but now only a couple times a day.
  • I have the soft one with flower on it baby loves to play with it!
  • Also works well when they are learning to sit to put behind them or for tummy time
  • Definitely a good purchase.

**Cover My Heart**

  • This is a great nursing cover there is 2 styles
  • I love both of these covers
  • Check out my review of the nursing cover with  pillow back support
  • These covers are great I highly recommend

**Lansinoh TheraPearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy**

  • These are great for in the beginning with engorgement
  • Also use warm when have clogs or mastitis
  • I found these this time with my Tiny they were great
  • I wish I had known about these with Baby Girl I highly recommend

If you have tried any other products or would like me to review one please contact me.


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