Cloth Diapering Accessories I Love

Bumgenius Diaper Sprayer

  • I love it
  • Great pressure
  • Easy to hook up
  • All around great product and a must for the poos

It does take some getting used to learning how to spray it off without making a mess though, but that would be with any sprayer! Once you have done it a few times you figure it out. I bought some gloves and use them just in case any of it does get on me.

Diaper Pail

I just bought a simple foot pedal trashcan at walmart make sure the lid closes tight put pail liner in and it works perfect.

This is the one I have — Walmart $14.98

Pail liners I Have a few different kinds


  • Good liner fits pail great
  • Holds in mess
  • Washes and dries great


  • Good liner
  • Fits pail ok
  • No need for pail though since it has a draw string
  • perfect for on vacation
  • little more expensive $21.00 I have the xlarge
  • More difficult to use for home use bc you are always having to untie


  • Great liner
  • Fits great
  • Holds up great
  • Great Prints and colors
  • Good price at $16.50
  • **This is my favorite pail liner

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