Glow Bug Cloth Diapers: Review and Giveaway


Glow Bug Cloth Diaper

I was sent an awesome diaper from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers recently it is made very nicely and has some great features I have never seen before. I was sent a black one with orange on it I am not usually a fan of black diapers but at the time it was fall and Halloween was coming up. It is super cute and the more she wears it the more the print is growing on me. The material is nice the outer is very soft doesn’t feel like any of the other diapers I have! The inside is very nice too both materials are lightweight so I bet it will be nice and cool for summer! Some of the great features include 360 gussets, pocket opening at both ends and a snap in the pocket to hold the liner in. I love the 360 gussets inside this is especially great for runny ebf poo! They don’t seem to stain much either which is very nice.  Being able to stuff the pocket opens at both ends makes it easier with the wide opening and the liner comes out in the wash. The liner also snaps in, in the front which is great for keeping it in place, most of the time it stays snapped tithe diaper in the wash so no searching for liners when stuffing diapers. The liners also snap together keeping them from sliding around when stuffed with more than one liner (it comes with 2). These diapers have so many great features that I have not seen on any other diapers they also have a lot of awesome new prints. These diapers come in bundle packages and sadly you can’t buy them individually I really wish you could as I am not into buying multiple diapers at once especially since I have a full stash but I love their designs and they are great diapers.  Though for $277 for 12 diapers it is a great deal for these awesome diapers and a great way to start a stash! They seem to hold up great too. I love these diapers wish they were hook and loop since that is what I prefer but these fit great and will fit for a while (especially on my chunky thigh baby)! My tiny is now 11 months old and we still have rise snaps left.


Glow Bug Diaper



opened out still one rise setting left


2nd Diaper another cute pattern NB setting


Inside of diaper with 360 Gussets

This review has taken me a bit longer because after having the diaper for a bit I noticed one of the snaps had come off in the wash. I contacted their customer service they were great sent me a new one (their shipping is a bit slower than I am used to but it is ok). After receiving new one and washing it same thing happened snap came off. I contacted customer service again and they sent me another one. They explained to me that they had got a new snap machine and although they thought it was adjusted correctly it turns out it wasn’t, but that they went back to the old machine that they knew worked well so there wasn’t anymore problems. All the diapers should be ok now and the new one I got has been just fine! As a blogger I never really get to deal with customer service sides of the companies I do reviews for so this was nice also. They were great to work with and were very nice about replacing the diaper.



  • Super soft
  • Nice material
  • Super cute prints
  • Great Features
  • 360 gussets
  • Snap in liners
  • Snap together liners
  • Double pocket opening
  • Great customer service 🙂



  • Only in bundles
  • Snap only


I highly recommend this company their diapers are great and so is their customer service.

I give Glow Bug Cloth Diapers  ef531-4-5-flowers

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Glow Bug Diapers Here
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Newborn Cloth Diapering

I did not start cloth diapering DD1 till she was 4months, so this was an all new experience and learning process for me. My plan was to cloth diaper in the hospital. I had all our diapers wet bag ready though I didn’t have a lot only 18 diapers to start with. I decided to to wait till we were settled in our room to start using the cloth so the nurses didn’t have to mess with them nor did I have to explain how to use them in the middle of everything. Well my daughter was born late in the evening and it was 1 am before we were in our room so I waited till the next day to start! I had a stash built of bumgenius newborns, 1 Tiny Tush, 1 Thirsties AIO Duo, 2 Happy Heinys newborn and Rumparooz OS Aplix (my favorite diapers). Well most seemed to bulky and big on her even though she was 8lbs 4oz. She was able to fit into the bum genius newborns the best, everything else I saved. So my plan for full time cloth diapering from the start changed to using them part time and washing daily. Though it was okay because even only using a few cloth a day was still a money savings and I knew she would grow! When we were home I was able to put her in the Tiny Tush and the Thirsties I love them both! Though the Thirsties takes forever to dry! 😦 The Tiny Tush is great and super cute, I love that the prints don’t cost more then the solid colors! I bought my Tiny Tush from
I was not able to use the Rumparooz OS till she was about 3 weeks I think they just seemed to bulky until then. Now they make up all of my stash except for the few small diapers she can still wear. All of the newborn diapers except BumGenius have rise snaps and will fit till she is a bit bigger! Which I love that they will last longer makes me feel like I am getting more of my money out of them!
Things I learned from cloth diapering a newborn!
1. I should have bought more diapers!
2. I loved all the diapers I bought they were so tiny and cute.
3. Disposable liners for the hospital was great I used them till the meconium passed. We did not have any staining.
4. Even with the very messy newborn poops I have never had a blowout (except from user error) 🙂 this is not the case with sposies.
5. I was suprised how long the BumGenius newborns fit her I was able to make them last till about 12ish weeks though that was pushing it a bit! (this is longer then most I was squeezing her a bit!)

Update: at 4 months she is 15lbs 1oz and the Thirsties size 1, Happy Heiny NB OS and the Tiny Tush still fit! 

Thinking of Cloth Diapering, but not sure? Check this out!

Cloth Diapering can be a big decision to make I know I spent hours looking at different brands, styles, colors, and types to try! I started cloth diapering when DD was 4 months old after 4 months of disposables that caused rash, daily blowouts and just didn’t seem to have a good fit not to mention almost $400 we spent in diapers! EEK!!! Cheeky to Cheeky actually has a Cloth Diaper Savings Calculator check it out to see how much money this could be saving you!
I wish I knew of this great program when I started! “Try it Free” from cheeky to cheeky, “you can try cloth diapering, without committing, for free!”  I tried several brands when I started some which end up now being the last I choose, maybe because they don’t fit DD great or leak or just aren’t my favorite. So this is a great deal try these diapers in home risk free for 30 days keep the diapers you like return the others or keep them all! I know you will like it once you try it! I love cloth diapering I am so glad we switched! I have personally used all of these diapers, but the Flips and love them! At this point I actually have around 28 diapers and about 11 different kinds, some of which are my favorites others not so much! So this is a great deal! Hope you enjoy!

Check out Cheeky to Cheeky website or Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter!

 Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a color series and add it to your shopping cart.
  • After your deposit is made, brand new diapers will be sent to your house (free shipping!).
  • Wash the diapers and try them for a couple weeks.
  • Keep them or mail the diapers back to us after using them.
  • If you choose to mail them back, your deposit will be refunded in full. It’s ok if the diapers become stained or soiled (just make sure you wash them before the mailman takes them).
  • If you want to keep all of them or just some of them, then do it. We will refund the items from the “Try it Free Pack” that you send back.
  • Relax. It’s easy. It’s honest. No gimmicks.
  •  You get to choose from the “Try it Free Pack” or the “Try it Free Pack – Lite”  you can also pick colors – The Emily Pack (girls), The Jackson Pack (boys) or Neutral Color Pack. Here is the 2 different packs you can choose from.

    Try it Free Pack” Includes:

    Deposit: $109.99
    “Try it Free Pack – Lite” Includes:

    Deposit: $69.99

    The Emily (Girls)

    The Jackson (Boys)

    Neutral Color

    Both of these packs include free shipping and for a limited time by signing up for my emails a special discount code! Which makes a great deal!
     *coupon valid for 1 time use for each customer and is valid from 4/21/12 – 5/21/12

    To receive coupon code:

    Review and Giveaway! :)

    I received 3 products from Lovely Eco Chic Planet Wise pail liner in Hoot, Incredibum wet bag in Sunshine/Caterpillar and an Incredibum diaper in Flutter. I was so excited to try these products out and do my first review and giveaway for my blog. I want to thank Mary at Lovely Eco Chic she has a great shop and is so nice to work with. Check out her store Lovely Eco Chic here.

    Product #1 – Planet Wise Pail Liner – Hoot

    Planet Wise – Hoot

    This liner is super cute and fits my pail great it has a nice wide opening which makes it easy to dump straight in the washer. I have a couple of other pail liners none fit as good as this one or do they seem to hold in the moisture as well as this one. When using this liner there have been no wet spots or leaks, which is great. When first checking this liner out I was a little concerned about the construction of it as the seams are on the outside thought this may cause leak problems, but after using it for a month there have been no issues. It also is pretty good sized so it holds a lot of diapers I would say at least 20+ pocket diapers. I have around 28 diapers now and try to wash when I just have a few clean ones left that is why I am saying 20+! Planet Wise makes these liners in a ton of super cute colors and a few great prints! Check out them out here! They are also a great price at $16.50. I definitely recommend this product and would give it 

    • Nice wide opening
    • Holds a lot
    • Super cute print and colors
    • No leaks
    •  Construction could have been better (seams on inside instead of out), but it works great so why change! 🙂
    Product # 2 – Incredibum Wet Bag – Sunshine/Caterpillar (Yellow/Green)



    This is a reversible wet bag that is super soft and very cute. I was sent the small bag in the Sunshine/ Caterpillar color. It has a drawstring opening which I am usually not crazy about but this one seemed to close down tight to help hold in the smell. 🙂 It holds about 5 pocket diapers which is great for longer outings. I actually used it one day as a carrying bag for clean diapers which it worked out great for also. I am sure it will be great this summer for wet clothes too! I also use it for a wet bag in my daughters room as usually only a couple diapers are changed there a day, so it works great to hang on the doorknob. This bag has been washed many times and is holding up great! At $7.95 for the small bag and $10.95 for the large it is a great price for a great bag. Check them out here! I think it could have many uses also. I would definitely recommend this bag and give it
    • Great Colors
    • Reversible is nice for when you get tired of one color
    • Holds several diapers (about 6 pocket diapers)
    • No leaks
    • Soft material
    • Good for longer day trips
    • Washes well
    • Made in USA!


    • Drawstring (I am more a fan of a zipper)
    • Little to big for a daily basis (short trips)

    Product #3 – Incredibum AIO Cloth Diaper – Flutter

    Incredibum Diaper – Flutter (Outside)

    Incredibum – Flutter (inside 1 Liner)
    I was sent the Incredibum AIO diaper in flutter, it has a bamboo liner which is very absorbent. This diaper is great the liner snaps in and there is no need to remove it for wash a great way to do an all in one. No stuffing necessary. I love the color it is very bright and such a different color from any of my other diapers and I have a lot of pink ones! 🙂 Fits great, DD is now probably around 19.5 lbs. and with her little bit chunkier thighs it still fits great and will probably fit through potty training. I have it set on the mini bum size. Snaps are not too bad though I wish they made these diapers in hook and loop I am now realizing how much easier that is when she is trying to twist and turn and flip away it is hard to do snaps upside down! 🙂 I have used this diaper in every scenario without any leaks and with only one liner in at this time. I do find it difficult to rinse with diaper sprayer because of how the liner is seems to take longer to get clean. I recommend this diaper to anyone wanting to try an AIO especially at only $16.85 a piece that is a great price for an AIO. Check them out here!I definitely recommend this diaper it is becoming one of my favorites. I give it (only because I wish it was hook and loop and the liner laid better.)


    • AIO
    • Cute Colors
    • Fits great
    • No Leaks
    • Reasonably priced


    • Snaps (this is personal preference though, I prefer Hook & Loop)
    • Liner seems to bunch up when you don’t have it on full size
    • More difficult to rinse

             Incredibum diaper compares pretty good size wise to a bumgenius it is a little bigger when unsnapped all the way. It is about the same size when snapped to the newborn setting.

    BumGenius 4.0 and Incredibum

      BumGenius 4.0 and Incredibum (New Born)

      Buy It

      You can purchase the Planet Wise pail liner here for $16.50. The Incredibum Wet bag can be purchased here for $7.95. The Incredibum AIO diaper can be purchased here for $16.85.

      Win it

      You can win either the wet bag or pail liner in your choice of color or print from Lovely Eco Chic.

      a Rafflecopter giveaway
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      Sunning Cloth diapers

      Sunning cloth diapers info

      check out this giveaway for a very cute custom cloth diaper

      Our growing garden! 🙂 very cute diaper giveaway i love the ruffle butts! 🙂

      Cloth diaper safe rash cream

      What is everyone favorite rash cream?
      I have tried angel baby bottom balm. It seems to work pretty good, it is a very small container for as expensive as it was (I think I paid $15). Though it has seemed to last awhile, but it doesn’t always seem to take the redness away very quickly.
      I have also just recently been using CJ’s BUTTer. So far so good with it! It smells great like baby magic. Was fairly inexpensive at 9 dollars a tube. Though I am not sure how well it truly works either seems like I have to apply it several times.

      I am thinking of trying Grandma El’s and would love to know of others experiences with this in comparison to CJ’s and Angel baby.

      Thanks so much! Have a great Wednesday!

      Check out Diaper Junction

      Check out feed your stash friday and enter to win a Thirsties Duo Diaper and Diaper Rite Wet Bag!
      Good luck every one click Here

      Day 3 – using products

      So far I have been using the products lovelyecochic sent me for 3 days. She sent me a incredibum wet bag and diaper and a planet wise pail liner!
      I have only used each of them only once but so far so good! Diaper is nice that you just snap liner in and don’t have to unsnap when washing! I wish it was in velcro though there a lot of snaps!
      More reviews to come as I use them more!


      Going to be reviewing some products from Lovely Eco Chic check back soon for reviews and giveaway!

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