Food Allergies

Dd is allergic to peanuts and strawberries. We have not had her tested but found out on own. I learned she was allergic to peanuts when she was a NB after I would eat peanut butter she would break out only took short time to realize issue. We now have found out as time goes on if someone has even touched or ingested peanuts they can not contact her she will break out from a kiss. Peanuts can stay in your saliva for 4+ hours.
Her strawberry allergy we found out after my MIL kissed her after having them she broke out in rash afterwards so again no one can have them and touch her. Which you would think would be simple but we have trouble getting some people to understand the seriousness of this. It also makes family parties interesting when there is almost always nuts or strawberries and so we have to make sure no one. Touches her.
After all this we have learned we can not even purchase products that have been manufactured on equipment or a facility that processes nuts. Which a lot of products unfortunately are. Though we have found some very yummy organic/natural products for her that are safe.
Here is the list if you know of any other products feel free to comment I love finding new foods for her.

Kinnikinnick Animal Crackers – These are very yummy my daughter loves them! 🙂 I highly suggest!

Healthy Times – Teddy Puffs – We have the cinnamon flavor she loves them as a snack!

Healthy Times – Arrowroot – These are great as teething biscuits they are small and very good!

Cherrybrook Kitchen –  I have tried the products below all are wonderful! The cake mix and frosting mix work great as a first birthday cake if your little one hasn’t had eggs yet as these are also egg free.

So Delicious – Very yummy ice cream!


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