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I received 3 products from Lovely Eco Chic Planet Wise pail liner in Hoot, Incredibum wet bag in Sunshine/Caterpillar and an Incredibum diaper in Flutter. I was so excited to try these products out and do my first review and giveaway for my blog. I want to thank Mary at Lovely Eco Chic she has a great shop and is so nice to work with. Check out her store Lovely Eco Chic here.

Product #1 – Planet Wise Pail Liner – Hoot

Planet Wise – Hoot

This liner is super cute and fits my pail great it has a nice wide opening which makes it easy to dump straight in the washer. I have a couple of other pail liners none fit as good as this one or do they seem to hold in the moisture as well as this one. When using this liner there have been no wet spots or leaks, which is great. When first checking this liner out I was a little concerned about the construction of it as the seams are on the outside thought this may cause leak problems, but after using it for a month there have been no issues. It also is pretty good sized so it holds a lot of diapers I would say at least 20+ pocket diapers. I have around 28 diapers now and try to wash when I just have a few clean ones left that is why I am saying 20+! Planet Wise makes these liners in a ton of super cute colors and a few great prints! Check out them out here! They are also a great price at $16.50. I definitely recommend this product and would give it 

  • Nice wide opening
  • Holds a lot
  • Super cute print and colors
  • No leaks
  •  Construction could have been better (seams on inside instead of out), but it works great so why change! 🙂
Product # 2 – Incredibum Wet Bag – Sunshine/Caterpillar (Yellow/Green)



This is a reversible wet bag that is super soft and very cute. I was sent the small bag in the Sunshine/ Caterpillar color. It has a drawstring opening which I am usually not crazy about but this one seemed to close down tight to help hold in the smell. 🙂 It holds about 5 pocket diapers which is great for longer outings. I actually used it one day as a carrying bag for clean diapers which it worked out great for also. I am sure it will be great this summer for wet clothes too! I also use it for a wet bag in my daughters room as usually only a couple diapers are changed there a day, so it works great to hang on the doorknob. This bag has been washed many times and is holding up great! At $7.95 for the small bag and $10.95 for the large it is a great price for a great bag. Check them out here! I think it could have many uses also. I would definitely recommend this bag and give it
  • Great Colors
  • Reversible is nice for when you get tired of one color
  • Holds several diapers (about 6 pocket diapers)
  • No leaks
  • Soft material
  • Good for longer day trips
  • Washes well
  • Made in USA!


  • Drawstring (I am more a fan of a zipper)
  • Little to big for a daily basis (short trips)

Product #3 – Incredibum AIO Cloth Diaper – Flutter

Incredibum Diaper – Flutter (Outside)

Incredibum – Flutter (inside 1 Liner)
I was sent the Incredibum AIO diaper in flutter, it has a bamboo liner which is very absorbent. This diaper is great the liner snaps in and there is no need to remove it for wash a great way to do an all in one. No stuffing necessary. I love the color it is very bright and such a different color from any of my other diapers and I have a lot of pink ones! 🙂 Fits great, DD is now probably around 19.5 lbs. and with her little bit chunkier thighs it still fits great and will probably fit through potty training. I have it set on the mini bum size. Snaps are not too bad though I wish they made these diapers in hook and loop I am now realizing how much easier that is when she is trying to twist and turn and flip away it is hard to do snaps upside down! 🙂 I have used this diaper in every scenario without any leaks and with only one liner in at this time. I do find it difficult to rinse with diaper sprayer because of how the liner is seems to take longer to get clean. I recommend this diaper to anyone wanting to try an AIO especially at only $16.85 a piece that is a great price for an AIO. Check them out here!I definitely recommend this diaper it is becoming one of my favorites. I give it (only because I wish it was hook and loop and the liner laid better.)


  • AIO
  • Cute Colors
  • Fits great
  • No Leaks
  • Reasonably priced


  • Snaps (this is personal preference though, I prefer Hook & Loop)
  • Liner seems to bunch up when you don’t have it on full size
  • More difficult to rinse

         Incredibum diaper compares pretty good size wise to a bumgenius it is a little bigger when unsnapped all the way. It is about the same size when snapped to the newborn setting.

BumGenius 4.0 and Incredibum

    BumGenius 4.0 and Incredibum (New Born)

    Buy It

    You can purchase the Planet Wise pail liner here for $16.50. The Incredibum Wet bag can be purchased here for $7.95. The Incredibum AIO diaper can be purchased here for $16.85.

    Win it

    You can win either the wet bag or pail liner in your choice of color or print from Lovely Eco Chic.

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    2 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. LisaWags
      Mar 19, 2012 @ 14:49:15

      Thank you for the review! As a newcomer to CD, I'm so thankful to see what other moms think of all the products out there! Makes it so helpful when trying to sift and sort through the 1,000's of options out there! 🙂


    2. Toni Keltner
      Mar 19, 2012 @ 22:36:28

      The hoot pail liner is too cute!


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