Mastitis/clogged duct!

Whatever this is whether it is mastitis or a clogged duct it is not my friend! Woke up Saturday with lots of pain this happens a lot in the morning as DD sleeps 12 hours a night so by morning I am very full. Well this didn’t go away I started feeling worse chills, ache and all around not so great. Then as I checked my breast I realized it was getting red. So to the bowl of warm water I went dangled in for about 10 mins, as I was trying to massage the painful area. Then I tried to feed DD as much as I could from that side trying different positions football hold, laying her down and dangling in ( she thought this was funny and would suck for a few mins and then laugh) I know it must be weird, but I was trying everything! I ended up taking Tylenol (which I never do), but it made me feel some relief which I needed. So on to Sunday, I was even more red but no chills or aches felt normal except for my painful breast. I was still doing the bowl of water and trying to massage it down, milk was coming out yellow near clog, and thick. it looked string in the water. I think it was finally working its way out! By evening it was somewhat better, and today a lot better not as much pain thank goodness I have too much to do!

Things to do or try if this happens to you

  • Warm bowl of water right before feed
  • Warm compress
  • In shower try using wide toothed comb and try working clog towards nipple
  • Rest
  • Feed as much as you can especially from that side. don’t forget about the other side though
  • Plenty of fluids drink a lot of water
  • Take Tylenol (it will help with the pain)

Good luck! I hope no one ever has to deal with this, but I know we all must go through it so if it happens to you don’t hesitate to ask for help and if it is really bad fever etc call your doc!


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